Tattoo TV Shows

Our 1-3 collection model Abigail Mitchell recently appeared on a tv show! Best Ink on Oxygen channel. She's one of the 'skins' that gets an abstract tattoo on episode 4 of season 2. We're always happy to see people we work with getting out there and doing their own thing! bestink, best ink, best ink shirt, ink masters shirt, best ink abstract tattoo, tattoo show, similar ink masters, best ink, best ink season 2, tattoo show, ink masters, tattoo nightmares,
We also had someone on TLC's America's Worst Tattoos briefly shown wearing an older Akumu Ink print. It's always shocking for us to see our shirt on tv. If you know who this girl is wearing our shirt, or if you're her, please contact us as we'd like to reward you with some free stuff for having worn our tee on tv. tattoo nightmare, worst tattoos, tlc tattoo, worst tattoo shirt, tattoo nightmare shirt, tattoo shirt, tlc tattoo shirt