Locked Out

Once in a while I get really inspired to try and do something different. Whether it be a watercolour, acrylic painting, etc. So this time I thought why not go back to my pen and ink roots and draw out these fun little scenarios. I'm only going to release 3 different scenarios over the next few days. All of which are originals (No reproductions will be made of these artwork unless Akumu Ink turns each image into a tshirt design) which means, this is the only copy of this artwork. Each artwork is drawn on a 7"x7" high end watercolour cardstock paper, and will be signed and dated by (me, Joey) the artist behind all Akumu Ink's designs! Hope you like these weird little drawings. akumuink, nightmare art, cute skull art, goth art,cute goth, skull guy, skull character, skull tshirt art, artist alley skulls, comiccon skull art, akumu