Joker Oil Painting V (Pt.4)

Today I had a little "freak out" where I thought I had ruined this painting beyond repair. I took a little break because I was at a point where I thought I had to trash it and start over. I went away and worked on some Akumu Ink designs, when I came back I knew exactly what I had to fix and just went to work getting it to this stage. It's still not exactly where I want it but I think this is turning into a really great piece. I had to add black to get to the darkness I wanted, most painters say not to use black, but I don't care. Black is awesome, and gets the painting to that level of darkness that wouldn't exist otherwise. Want your own original oil painting? Read here for more info and pricing. akumuink, joker face, joker, joker smile, nightmare, young artist, buy artist art, joker art, joker painting, comicbook art, artist alley, joker artist alley, joker comiccon, buy joker art, buy comicbook art, affordable art, affordable custom art, dark knight art, batman art