Joker Oil Painting V (Pt.1)

I've been learning a ton about how to paint better and how to set myself up to achieve better results. For anyone who has only started following my blog now: I'm really loving oil painting, but I really started oil painting for the first time less than 3 years ago. I can only describe it as being similar to learning a new language (which I've been also trying to do for the last 4 years with much less success). Luckily there are webforums, and youtube videos to help me get better at what I consider to be a pretty fair rate considering this is now my 7th piece. Also I have to thank those of you who have been commissioning me to produce works for you which is allowing me to also learn quicker. Well get ready to follow the progress over the next few weeks as I bring this very iconic Joker shot to life. joker painting, joker art, dark knight joker, joker fanart, i want a joker painting, buy joker art