2012 Blog Recap

2012 brought on a lot of new experiences and experiments. Last year at this time we were still trying to perfect how our tshirts are produced, but this year we've been able to shift our focus onto just creating product that is unique to the Akumu Ink brand. I said "Enough" to filler designs and made a point to design every new shirt as if it were our last. June - Trip to Europe: Seeing real Rembrandt's, Picasso's, Dali's, Goya's, Monet's, etc., really opened my eyes to what art really was. It showed me I could be freer in how I worked all while producing better pieces. July - Custom Watercolour: A commissioned piece allowing me to create original artwork based on current Akumu Ink designs.
- RIP: We laid to rest a bunch of designs to never return like Possessed, Twins, I Fear and Never Say Die. September - DIY Wall Art: I made this little post to show you that if you wanted you could frame our tshirts and hang them up as original pieces of art in your room or home. Also another RIP: two more shirts were removed from inventory: J'Adore and Drifter (although I must say I've been dying to create a new original Drifter design...maybe next year). October was busy with conventions. November - AJ Lee on Monday Night Raw: One of the highlights of the last 5 years of Akumu Ink was seeing our tshirt on television worn by someone famous. We didn't contact anyone to get her to wear it, it just happened and it was amazing, and it somewhat validated that we are on the right path.

- Joker Painting and Anakin Skywalker Painting: By far the most I've learned and best I've been able to produce in terms of oil paintings. Looking at all we've accomplished in 2012 we're inspired to pursue so much more in 2013.