Taste of Flesh

I realized I haven't made an official blog post on this design that was released all the way at the beginning of this month. A completely evolved style for us and a glimpse of where Akumu Ink is going. I love using the whole tshirt like a canvas, and bringing across a cryptic story that will get heads turning and asking where you got your shirt from. This is one of my favourite designs from the last collection and a turning point for my designs in general. We brought a bunch of these to NYCC in October and completely sold out on the second day. The print is beautiful too, in that it's completely soft and breathable. Originally I wanted to do a kind of Snow white designs where she was taking a bite out of a poison apple and wanted to have a skull shape within the apple. But as I started messing around with making the apple into a more abstract blood splatter, the design began to took shape. vampire tshirt, girl blood, girl blood art, emo, new emo, vampire shirt, similar hot topic, black tshirt, canadian brand, canada tshirts, akumuink, original horror, blood shirt, horror style, goth chic
Model: Jon Riv Photo: Isaac Suttel