One of my favourite bands growing up was Scarlet. I saw them at an underground concert opening with Black Dahlia Murder for As I Lay Dying and Every Time I Die in 2004. They had a very Norma Jean-like sound, which caught my attention, but with their own technical twist and incorporation of beats and stereo sound effects. After the show I got their album and discovered the underlying theme of suicide cults that kept coming up in the lyrics which totally grabbed my attention. With lyrics like "If you want love, you can buy love, everyone is for sale" At some point the band broke-up and the singer joined another band called Spitfire along with some Norma Jean members to continue where they left off. Pursuing the idea of self-help groups and suicide cults. Note that Scarlet releases another album in 2006 called "This was Always Meant to Fall Apart" with a different singer, the music is still good in its own way but the theme is completely different.