Info on the Transition

As we make the transition to outsource our printing we decided to offer discounts on our current stock so you can pick up any shirts you ever had hesitations about getting. The NEW 'Tshirt Pack' allows you to get 3 tshirts at approx 17.50$ a tshirt. Once this stock runs out that's it! Also a few designs will be getting lost in the transition. I did hint on each product's page as to which designs will be removed, and which styles/shirt colours will no longer be available. Note 1: I have a little bit of black ink left so any designs that have black in them will most probably disappear mid October. Note 2: The prices for the new items will be higher than what they've been in the past, this will only take effect at the end of this month. So I would really take advantage right now for the rest of October and don't say "I didn't warn you!"