A Look Back at Things Past

Once in a while I like to look at old blog posts to see what I was doing the same day last year, or the year before. It's always crazy to see how far we've come since then. 1 year ago from today: Dora and I were seriously considering moving to Indonesia or Singapore and living there permanently. We had somewhat started losing hope that the economy would pick up to help us cover even our living costs not to mention the business. So we thought moving back there and opening up a tattoo shop to hire local artists would be a great experience. I actually went for a trial tattoo apprenticeship which quickly fizzled out when it was clear that I wasn't considering getting any tattoos myself. 2 years ago from today: I had just finished printing shirts for the New York ComicCon and Vegas Tattoo Show. I remember being so excited. I had recently left my job to commit to Akumu Ink fulltime, little did I know about where we'd be a year later. 3 years ago from today: We had just moved into our last apartment, and we were just about to release hoodies as part of our arsenal. We had just done our last show for the year (3 total) and we were exhausted. It's funny to see how many exclamation points I used back then. We were so excited to grow and to produce more product for you guys. Looking back is crazy, but there's a lot more to come from us. Right now we just need your support to get through this transitional stage. We need all your help to finish our current stock so we can afford to bring in the new stuff. We've just reduced the price of our 'Tshirt and Tank Top Packs' another 10% so please show us your support and get the last shirts I'll ever print with our custom tags and packaging. If you want a sketch on your hangtag let me know and I'll do that for you!