For those of you that don't know, the MMVAs are Canada's Much Music Video Award show. My apologies in advance for the blurry night shots. The first 4 photos were taken on the night prior to the MMVAs. The street was open to the public and during the course of the day and night they were rehearsing and sound checking the VJs and musicians. Unfortunately we were when Down with Webster was doing sound check. The last 2 photos are from the night of the MMVAs. We had dinner at a nearby restaurant causing us to miss Lady Gaga and the Far East Movement but we got there just in time for Avril Lavigne... We stuck around for almost an hour but it was kinda boring. We were at the corner of the street and couldn't really see or hear much of anything. And because it's live you just wait through the commercials while nothing goes on. So we left and missed the second Lady Gaga performance and watched the rest of the show from the tv in our hotel room. It was still fun to be there after watching it so many years on tv. I think for the best seats it's worth hanging around 2 days prior and catching all the sound checks.