Video Sticker Contest

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Here is a new contest that will begin running over the course of the next 2 weeks. Winners will be announced Tuesday, April 26th.


- To create a YouTube video based around our Akumu Ink sticker.
- To let as much people know about your video to increase the number of views.


- Use a minimum of 1 sticker in your video. - Video can be as simple and short or as long and complicated as you'd like. - Include: in the description of your video.

How to Win

- Email us the youtube link to your video by Monday, April 18. - The most number of views by April 25 will WIN the grand prize! - A runner-up will be chosen by us based on creativity.


- The grand prize will be: 1 tshirt, 3 prints, 1 toe tag sketch. - The runner-up will receive 1 free tshirt of their choice.