Off To Neverland Print Available

So I've been keeping myself busy this week working on the two latest prints/posters that were added to the shop. This latest one is called "Off To Neverland." Had a lot of fun creating these as there's just less headache creating them. It's a lot less tedious than tshirt designs because I don't have to think about the amount of colours I use or how the layout will be affected by the shape of the person wearing it. Love doing it, now my goal for next week is to finish my Joker painting and start another canvas artwork which will be put up for sale when completed. Hope you guys are liking the stuff I'm working on, feedback has been kinda on the quiet side, but I'll take that as a quiet encouragement to keep creating. I'll also have to post up next week the dates for Christmas shopping as we will be closing up shop mid December, so you'll want to make sure to pick up whatever you need to pick up before then.
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