The Joker Oil Painting (Work in Progress)

So as I've mentioned a hundred times I bought some oil paints. I've never oil painted before in my life, and previous to the Akumu Ink canvases I've never really painted at all either! I'm just really at a point where I'm tired of computer or vector looking art. I want to create something with my hands that is imperfect and can't be fixed using 'undo,' 'copy/paste,' or even photoshop. The goal is to go as realistic as possible, but I have a feeling it'll end up being more stylized than realistic as I usually like to create something that usually looks more like art than a straight up photograph. And if any of you like the final piece I'll be more than happy to let you bid on it or be commissioned to create other paintings. But for now this is really an exercise as I need to try something different before I go insane.

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