New Paintings

Sorry for the lack of updates, it's just been hectic trying to get things ready for the convention this weekend in Toronto, the gallery at the end of the month, and we're moving so we're living in a state of chaos. Here are the latest paintings added to Facebook, it's a first come first served kinda thing. All the canvases are tagged with their respective price. The huge Of Horror I at the top is painted on a foamboard instead of canvas (this the only one like this) - 300$ The Juggler canvas on the top left is 14"x18" - 50$ The Starved canvas (top right) is 16"x20" - 50$ And the rest are 18"x24" - 60$ each All these prices do not include shipping. akumuink, akumu, horror painting, rue morgue, festival of fear death, blood, horror, blood painting, scary stuff, akumu akumu ink, tattoo show, tattoo convention, anime north, sakura con, dragon con