Secret Akumu Project

So I mentioned yesterday on twitter that I'm working on "a NEW much cuter Akumu project which will be released separately but still within our line. Hopefully next month." What do I mean by this? Well you'll see next month :P This is what I'll tell you for now though: I just want you to understand that this cuter Akumu style will not affect the Akumu you've grown to love. The new secret line will be released under Akumu but it will not be sold directly on Concerning the style of this top secret project: I feel like coming from a children's publishing background makes it necessary to give a shout out now and then to all things cute ;) Enough about the secret project. A new collection of Akumu designs will be released somewhere in May for the summer. As soon as I finish working on the secret stuff next week I will begin focusing on creating a new collection of 4-5 designs for the summer. If any of you have ideas or concepts you'd like to throw into my idea cauldron for me to consider please feel free :)