This Week

So we're working on doing something really big with Akumu Ink, we'll keep you posted if this really goes through but if it does it would mean more Akumu merchandise!

This week will begin a new project within Akumu Ink. We will be working on starting a separate line within the brand called 'Little Monsters'. This will be a cuter style which will be printed on baby clothes as well as our current shirt styles and sizes. This new line will in NO WAY affect Akumu's current look or style, or production. As I said it will be separate, meaning these items won't be sold directly on either but on it's own 'Little Monsters' page.

As an artist I feel that creating and being productive is the best outlet for me. I want to continue to build Akumu's dark and sometimes abstract style knowing I can have an outlet for cuter ideas without it stepping on Akumu's toes. For example the 3rd and 4th pin packs that I released.