Thought it was Thursday

I thought we were Thursday today so I was preparing to release everything tomorrow...then I realized today is Wednesday...lame... We all have to wait! It's going to be totally worth it though I promise you that. And all items will be available to purchase in our 'Package' deals so get all the new stuff you want and save too! I hope to hear all your reactions on our Facebook page or here ok? Let me know what you think of our new stuff as your opinions are much appreciated. Ok, I gotta go back to work for now and print some shirts.

Btw, someone broke into my car again :( Didn't smash the window this time thankfully, but everything was removed from the glove compartment like they were looking for something. Probably a GPS, that I don't own :( Oh well when you live in a sketchy part of town I guess that's what you get, hopefully if this year is good to us we can move out of here and somewhere nicer where we don't get robbed twice in a month!