Friday Songs

Here is a good representation of how my mind is split into 2 extremely opposites which makes up for my creativity. Do you know a lot of white boys tortured by the kawaii pop music of the East all the while listening to nothing but the most brutal in Western music. I guess I like to be a part of something that is not popular in my surroundings. To have the pleasure of meeting or talking to someone with similar likes is very rare and always that much more pleasant. Just like Akumu Ink, such a small community. Sure some people buy shirts because they like one design and never return, or never come back to check the blog, or even never remember how to pronounce Akumu properly but that's ok. Because I know, and you who are reading this know that we're in this together and we don't need them ;)

So without putting this off further here are my song choices for today:
1- Bring Me the Horizon's 4th video from the album Suicide Season "The Sadness Will Never End"
2- The beautiful Mandarin pop icon Jolin Tsai...Who's music is better without the video, and for boys is more enjoyable without the music...This song "Butterfly" is from her latest album as well. Enjoy.