Good Bye...Hello.

I know I'm terribly late and this is barely news as this single was released back in September. But this is the latest single from Japanese band 'High and Mighty Color'. Their sound can only be described by me as: Linkin Park, but not shit. The quality of the musicians performance is ridiculously technical, these guys know what they're doing with their instruments and I applaud them for that.

I've liked this band for over 4 years and have all their albums, the last one 'Rock Pit' being one of their best. On this album there is a new female vocalist. You can hear that her voice is harsher and raspier which sets a darker tone for the rest of this 'Swamp Man' album. Reminds me of a Quebecois female rock singers a bit. The video is fun and the song is as well. I would totally suggest trying this out if you want to get started in the world of Japanese pop rock music or if you want to add to your collection.