Great Japanese Movie

Looking for a photo of 'Friend' from the movie '20th Century Boys' I landed on a new blog that answered all my questions. It's like a renting asian movies for dummies guide. The layout is great showing the movie cover, then an English synopsis, a rating of the movie, and finally a trailer of the movie. Simple and clear. Here's the link to the blog.
love exposure
So now let me tell you about this great movie I watched because of that blog. It's called 'Love Exposure' and it's a 4 hour story that deals with sexuality and cult religion. What I love about Japanese movies is their lack of censorship to how the director wants to express his vision. There's some messed up scenes, but this is nowhere near a horror movie. I honestly have no idea what genre this would be in but it was great. Took me like 3 days to watch it but it was like watching a really good short tv series. I recommend it if you're looking for something different with a great story line.