New York Anime Festival

So we spent the weekend in New York City at the Anime Festival that went on there. It was pretty cool, met some great people who loved our stuff. Hopefully some new devoted fans that will follow us for a long time. We went to a great All You Can Eat Sushi Buffet on Friday night. The sushi buffet's here in Montreal ask you to preorder your choices on a sheet, then they bring it to you and if you can't finish what you ordered they will charge you for what you didn't eat. But this was like an actual buffet that you just went and stuffed your face at. Awesome.

There were some really great costumes at the show. The last photo I've posted is a guy on what must have been stilts so that he was 7-8 feet tall within a Transformers Bumblebee costume. Great work. We're going to be back in New York in a few weeks for our final US show this year. So come by and check us out, I'll let you know when and where.