New Stuff.

So first off thanks to Tshirts Around the Internet blog for posting about our impaled skull american apparel tshirt yesterday. If you are waiting for the price of the Vnecks to decrease let me warn you that they will remain at this price, also we will be adding SOME of the other designs in this format. We've only purchased a limited amount of the Vnecks, so if we sell them out at shows we will not be ordering more. We'd like for it to replace the raspberry colour so hurry before those run out as well.

Also if you've found us through a website called or know of the site that specializes in all things handmade. They have an article they put out a few times a month called "
Quit Your Day Job" and on Monday September 28 2009 we will be featured! So put it on your calendars, if you want to read it when it's posted, otherwise we will post a link when it comes out.


And lastly today we've just added a NEW size to our women's hoodies. Women's XS! check out the size chart here to see if it'll fit you. Also if you're looking to get a cool gift for a younger child this could be the closest thing we'll get to doing children's clothes. It's a quite petite size. So go check it out you know we have plenty of designs to choose from.