Montreal Tattoo Art

Hey guys, I apologize for not posting more often. I know I said once I would quit my job I'd have more time for you guys and to update more often. But what seems to have happened is that we've taken on alot more conventions than we originally planned. We're trying to spread the word of Akumu Ink all over the land before winter time. Weve also found that our actual setup wasn't enough. I'm printing on what could be known as a 'hobby' screen printing machine. So we're upgrading to something a little more serious. I'll still be printing all our shirts and offering you superior shirt quality, the only difference is I'll be producing it faster than before so that I can have more time to spend on updating the website and the blog.

In other news we will be coming out with a new item soon. Time has not been on our side to allow us to take photos and photoshop them to be ready to post on the web. So hopefully within the next 2 weeks (or sooner) you'll be able to purchase those new items. Anyways here's some pics from this weekends local show, Talk to you sooner than later.


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