So you may have noticed a new design went up last night. Great reaction so far considering it's a preorder shirt. This is me still trying to dive deeper into what makes up the Akumu Ink style. As I'm trying to figure it out I'm constantly bombarded with inspirational artists such as Edward Gorey, Mark Ryden, and Tim Burton. Those are really my driving influences currently. I'm hoping as Akumu progresses my style will also find it's own identity. preorder tshirt, new design, new emo art, Note For Guys: Just to let you know the army shirts are ending also, I have about 15 or less of the S and M sizes. If you want this shirt you should act fast because there won't be many hanging around. Also guys if you want this shirt on a men XL in the raspberry color you can do so. Note For Girls: Sorry girls sizes S to M we don't have any stock of the raspberry shirts anymore but something else is coming for you soon.