I always dislike when blog posts don't have any pictures to encourage me to read the post, but if you are reading this then thank you for caring enough to do so. Days are running out and so are the things that are left to do thankfully. Mostly everything is complete for NIX on Friday. I think all that's left to print are some tote bags and the Starved shirts, and depending if there's time to print up a few sizes of some of the designs that don't sell as much. The joys of doing your own printing, we don't have to be limited or limit you on what products you can purchase from us :)

We're arriving in Toronto the day of the show but we're hoping to have an hour or two to walk around, possibly see Chinatown or the CN tower or something before we work, work, work until it's time to pack up and go back home. Then forcibly pull myself out of bed to go back to my dayjob