Crazy, there is now less than 2 weeks until Toronto's NIX tattoo convention! And I have less than half the stock I'm hoping to bring to the show. It's going to be a real accomplishment if we can bring everything we're hoping to bring all while filling the online orders. This will be the first convention where we'll be bringing hoodies. I'm really looking forward to eating Toronto sushi, we found a great place close to the hotel last time and we haven't forgotten about it since.

Our next new design will probably come out mid August, so do not wait to order anything or for a new design any time soon. We're going to be crazy busy for the next few months. But at the same time we're really going to really shake things up with some big news. For all you real AI fans reading this blog, facebook fan, twitter followers, we've got some special news coming. As soon as we get back from Toronto I'll let you know.

2 weeks after that we'll be leaving to Indonesia and shutting down shop for 2 weeks, so if you want anything make sure to order before July 1st so we can print and ship it out to you before we're gone.