Going to New York

At the end of this month I will be going on a business trip for my day job to New York city. There's a book fair going on there and I'm going to be attending. At first when I was told I was going (as opposed to asked) my mind was racing (is there a tattoo show that weekend?) luckily there isn't. I was kinda reluctant due to the fact that I won't be paid for spending my entire weekend at the convention working, arriving back in Montreal at 9:30pm on Sunday, and expected to come in to work the following day (on time).
So I was kinda bummed to hear that, but then after talking it over with Dora she got me seeing the positive side of things. I can stay connected throughout the 4 days that I'm down there with wifi and my itouch! Also I'm going to be really close to some really inspiring clothing brands such as Billionare Boys Club/Ice Cream (Pharrel from N.E.R.D.'s brand), A Bathing Ape, and Kid Robot. So if I can spend a day to at least see those stores, get some pictures and get inspiration from them then I think the whole trip will be totally worth it.
If you know any clothing stores in New York that I should visit that would carry our stuff I wouldn't mind knowing about them. Or if there's other specific stores worth checking out (I've been there2 years ago for the same reason, so I'm not interested in the touristy spots). Or if you're a fan of Akumu Ink and you just want to meet up with me, and get a beer or even get some tshirts and save on shipping. Message me or send me an email and I'll be more than happy to do that :)