British Invasion

What to talk about? I've mentioned on Twitter that yesterday we signed on with an online store in the UK. We will be getting them a ton of tshirts within the next few weeks. I will post up a link to their site as soon as our banner is posted there. I have no idea how much the cost will be over there but all you UK locals will save on international shipping and won't have to wait as long as 3 weeks to get your merch :)

Also we've just signed on with another group from the UK, a band called Sa-da-kO. I will do a solo post about them soon enough with pics and links. We have come to an agreement to do their band's merch, it will be our first crossover project and I think it'll look pretty badass. The concept is those old Godzilla movies, will be awesome.

For now I'm printing like crazy preparing for a Tattoo and Bike show next Friday. Dora is studying hard preparing for her finals which are going on this week and next. It's craziness, but we can't complain ;)