Store Pics Tonight

I can't wait to leave work today. Dora and I stopped by Boutique Perfide yesterday to drop off some Of Horror I tshirts. They even took an order to carry some of our hoodies. And i took a photo of the boutique so you can see how awesome our stuff looks in their window display.

Also I'm really hoping tomorrow I'm going to do a little painting. The last time I printed shirts was Wednesday night and there seems to be a little lull now in terms of how much work there is to do so I've filled the gap of time with painting! I'm really hoping to put some horror movie on tv and just paint most of the day. I'm hoping to do 3 pieces. Of Horror I, Tokyo Massacre and Cut, Cut as huge 40inch wide close ups that we hang up in each room. I bought the boards and paint yesterday so it's going to be alot of fun. I painted once in college and that was a disaster, but I'm expecting this to be fun, relaxing and something different.

Anyways I'll post the progress during the day tomorrow so you can see how they look/ come out.