Selling Retail

Lol, yeah next months hoodies wasn't to be mentioned yet...but it's ok. I won't tell you anymore right now though. Dora and I are coming up with tons of ideas for the next couple of months, and let me just say it's gunna be awesome.

Also I want to mention that lately we've had interest from retailers that want to wholesale our product but they are claiming that our wholesale price is to expensive for them. And I wonder how much they expect us to lower our price to for them considering we do print on American Apparel tshirts, we do print and heat everything by hand, and we do have full time jobs. We would rather decline being in their store if it means we either have to cheapen our product to make a profit, or if it means that we have to produce a product that wouldn't profit us whatsoever.

Let's just keep creating quality shirts for you guys, and next month start making quality hoodies. Please help us if you know friends with blogs willing to talk about us, friends with tattoo shops willing to sell our stuff in their store, friends that would like our stuff, even if you know of any tshirt related websites that you haven't seen us on that would benefit us by being on. We have so much to offer you and you can be a part in the growth process with us. I'm just an email away ;)