September Designs

So we're back! We made it safely to and from Calgary. I will post a bunch of photos of the show up tomorrow with a summary of the events that took place. But for now I'd like to talk about the new designs that I posted up today. We were previewing the designs in Calgary and people seemed very much to like them. So here we are: This shirt is called Tokyo Massacre in reference to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies. I wanted to play around with the classic Friday the 13th Jason (Hockey mask killer) character and put it into the context of our ongoing morbid Japanese theme. No gore necessarily, I just wanted to create a bold black and white image which was readable and understandable. I even continued the image in the same scratchy style as our Death's Embrace design. For this one I called it Shukketsu which means bleeding in Japanese. I was originally going to make a striped pattern shirt but then i started bleeding the lines and making them look more like cuts. I've also added something which I thought was fun, a razor blade with Akumu Ink written on the inside instead of on the back of the shirt. As we have more and more fans as well as people continuously buying our tshirts and return buyers as well we'll continue to have fun creating a label which you'll be proud to own. Next month we have a big surprise so don't forget to keep checking back!