Twitter, Thanks, and Tote Bags

So blogger caught on to the whole Twitter thing and their now working on a little gadget to add a 'Following' application. Good idea.

Speaking of which, I just got an email saying someone was following me on Twitter. When I clicked on the link to the destined site I got this window:

It's always cool to see what you do in bold by someone else. Thanks TanMcG for helping to get our name out!

Dora and I are taking the plane Friday morning to Calgary! Extremely tired. Dora has just finished heating all the shirts by hand that are coming with us. Now she's working her way through over 50 tote bags... -_-* I've been working on this month's new design which I'm debating putting up or not before we leave....I may just post a sneak preview of what you can expect to be posted as soon as we come back from Calgary on Tuesday.

Keep your eyes open tomorrow!