They Walked in the Rain

We were walking Tiny (our dog) for 20min, and of course, as is our luck it rained halfway through. Dora and I managed to get some photos shot. I even managed to get a photo of me in there, excuse my bathing suit shorts...I've had them for 5 years now, I wear them all the time outside of being at the office. And I'm wearing an Every Time I die hat which I bought at my first hardcore concert when they came to Montreal. Back when they opened for Terror, and Throwdown for like 10 or 15$ a ticket to a crowd of less than 100 people. That was awesome. Have a nice weekend. walking dog, dog walk, walking in park converse, chuck taylor, all stars, kurt cobain shoe, punk shoes scary buildings, ominous buildings, goth photography, evil atmosphere black and white photo, crosswalk, intersection, empty street