Hide Your Arms wrote another sweet review about us this month. Andy, know that if you ever come to Montreal we'll be more than happy to meet up with you and buy you a drink. We also got talked about on The Fashion Bomb blog. I'm glad our stuff is fashionable to be there. I guess we can thank companies like Affliction for making that possible. Also I'd like to say thanks to those who comment on this blog. The fact that anyone even reads this is pretty awesome. I'd continue writing even if no one was reading this, but just to satisfy my curiosity if you are reading this could you just post a comment on this story like 'hi' with a fake name if you wish just so I can know how many people really are reading this blog? Thanks everyone, we won't disappoint you. Btw, if anyone knows of any sites, or forums that would be interested in our shirts please let me know. I would so love to be able to do tshirts fulltime therefore coming up with better designs for you. Please help Akumu Ink grow just enough so I can get to that point. Thanks again.