August Stuff

Ok so this month has been so crazy preparing for 2 tattoo conventions, getting our stuff in Sin City Tattoo Shop, filling out orders, as well as working with 3 bands on a sponsorship deal. I haven't found a second to be creative enough to come up with a new shirt design. So this month We're relaunching some old stuff but repackaged. For example The Black Rose and Death's Embrace can be found as black ink design on a black tshirt. We are now printing Cut, Cut in hot pink as well as When a Cat Smiles in silver. Depending on the amount of sales we'll continue or discontinue these 2 products. So as it stands these are limited edition designs. Lastly we've decided to release the best images we thought that could be offered as tote bag designs. Coming in at a cost of 11$ each tote bag. But we have a reduced shipping cost for bags: $2.95 to Canada and the USA, and $4.45 Internationally per item!

cheshire cat tshirt black rose tshirt
tote bag raven