We now have 3XL

Tonight is my night off. It's honestly the first one I've had over a month and a half easily. Tomorrow is a Quebec holiday, and I was looking forward to it until I found out my sister's moving out and that I got to help her move... lame. But tonight Dora and I are celebrating all that we've done so far and our awesome job in Toronto with some sushi. It's been long awaited. I did get a bunch more orders since last night, and our first (furthest) buyer from New Zealand. My list is already piling up, so I'm gunna have to start printing again. Also gotta start preparing for Calgary, which is a go.

I want to let you know that latest by tomorrow night you will now be able to purchase men's XXXL tshirts black only off of our site. We're test running it, if we get alot of buyers we'll keep them and add the army. If no one buys we'll have to take it down. Also got to let you know there's no extra charge on our 2XL and 3XL shirts.

So enjoy, hopefully we have something for you.