Weekend Photos

Damn it was hot and humid this weekend, I think the temperature went up to 32C which is not something my thick Canadian blood is made for. Especially since Dora and I have to work with a heat gun and a dryer that stays at 350C right next to us during the entire printing process (which was basically all day). Oh, and we don't have an air conditioner so we were seriously dying.
Ok, let me show you some pics we took this weekend. At the bottom corner you can see the shirt on a white background that I used to take the photo. Tiny was directing the photo shoot on our very narrow and rickety balcony.
Scottish terrier tshirt
This is a pic of one of the pallets we used. It's our first pallet that we had to throw away due to it warping from the heat of our dryer. This could be seen as something sad, but it's really pretty exciting knowing we printed that many shirts that we warped a board. Also considering this is one of 4 different sized boards. Therefore we printed a lot of shirts so far in the last 4 months.
wood plank screen printing pallet
This is Tiny. He's panting like crazy due to the extreme heat. He must be so warm in his thick black coat. Do dogs sweat? He never seemed wet when I pet him.
Scottish terrier tongue dog
Here's our screens drying in the sun. UV light affects the drying process so I left them out for a bit to bind them properly.
emulsion screen printing aluminum frames
Well that's it. Hope you enjoyed these pics.