New May Designs

As promised I've created some really brutal designs for May. The first one is called 'Impaled'. I keep seeing people wearing skull shirts, and I'm so annoyed at how unoriginal they all are. So I tried to make something that shows strength and looks cool. I was going with the idea of Vlad the Impaler, but changed it up to making the skulls be from vampires.

As a complete contrast is 'Shattered'. I wanted to create a very feminine shirt but still keep it hardcore. From a distance when wearing this shirt it may seem like you have this cool gradient effect going on and the closer you get the more details unfold. I'm really happy with the results I got from playing with the space of the shirt.

For our tote bag image we decided to use our Cheshire cat from our 'When a Cat Smiles' shirt. It's spooky and feminine, hopefully it'll raise the interest of those who see you carrying it.

impaled skull american apparel tshirt pink hearts american apparel tshirtcheshire cat tote bag