The story behind: Of Horror I

Our horror t-shirt is the most popular design we have. Let me let you in on the story behind it. During the summer when Dora and I were coming up with ideas for shirts we were looking through her biology books. At the time I was looking for reference for a medical freelance project. Anyways, Dora found a page about hemoglobins and came up with a concept to make a shirt that had a pipe coming from the heart leaking a drop of blood and on the bottom turning into a hemoglobin. To this day I still don't get why she thought that was a good idea. I shot down the idea immediately. For a week she kept bringing up different variations of the same idea, and I kept begging her to give it up. Until one day she turned up with: How about making a blood splatter and within the blood you could make some abstract screaming face? And that's how Of Horror I was created.