Sick Nurse Cosplay

When Robotto Shoujo messaged me to let us know she was going to cosplay as our Sick Nurse design we were excited and skeptical. But when she sent us photos from Toronto Comiccon in her completed outfit along with her boyfriend, Sam, dressed as our Dead March Hare from our Happy Unbirthday! tshirt we were speechless. The details were all there! (Even some good details that we hadn't considered like the patient wristband)

We were completely floored by this portrayal of our Sick Nurse. Much love goes out to Robotto and Sam for this.

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Photo credit: Ailes Noires Cosplay Photography

Here are a few others who have cosplayed as Akumu Ink characters in the past: The Butcher + Tokyo Revenge, Tokyo Masacre, Death Before Dishonor.