As of August 24, 2020.
With your help we have donated a total of:
AU$1,099 to WIRES!

ENDANGERED is a design that reflects our stand on climate change. The summers in Australia have grown longer and hotter every year. This has caused the fires to ignite easily and be more difficult to control. 

We created this ENDANGERED design in order to show support to our Australian friends who are suffering from the wildfires that have been going on since September. About 1 billion animals have been estimated to have died during the course of this devastating fire. 

This design was created uniquely for this cause, and our monster reflects that by carrying their baby monster in their pouch while cooking their latest catch-of-the-day. 

For every ENDANGERED merchandise sold, we will donate €2 to WIRES (we encourage you to also donate directly). The foundation helps rescue and care for the wildlife in Australia, especially in dire circumstance like this one. 

As a bonus, we will donate all of the €10 from sale of every ENDANGERED print.

We appreciate everyone who shows their support to a better environment, as there is no Planet B.

[Update January 30, 2020] Thanks to everyone who purchased this design on shirts and prints! With your help, we’ve made our first donation of AU$500. This design will continue to be available for purchase, because even though the fires have subsided, the animals still need help to recover, before being released in the wild. We appreciate everyone’s help and support.
Additionally, you can find ENDANGERED designs in these 3 shops:
- Suicide Glam (link) (Toukley, NSW, Australia)
- Beserk: www.beserk.com.au
- Maniak (link) (Geneva, Switzerland)