2016 Exclusive Tshirt Donation Meter Total!

Thanks to all of you for helping support us, our brand, our art, and in turn helping to donate $1,000 across three charities over the course of 2016!

How did you help in donating? Well, with every Monthly Exclusive tee purchased from www.akumuink.com we donated a portion to the following charities:

  • UNHCR (to help assist with Syrian refugees)
  • Children's Institute (a safe haven for LA families whose lives have been affected by violence)
  • International Rescue Committee (responds to the world's worst humanitarian crises and helps people to survive and rebuild their lives)


    So thank you for liking, commenting, and especially sharing our Exclusive Tshirt posts on social media. And of course thank you to those who purchase our Exclusive Tees and help those in need. We'd love to continue doing the same in 2017 to help more people and charities.

    Below are all our 2016 Exclusive tee designs in order of release from January to December: