David Choe

Ok, so David Choe doesn't own any of our shirts. But he's at the top of the list of artists I look up to for inspiration. This guy is a true living artist, and to have been in his presence was a completely unreal experience.

We had our booth set up at Salt Lake City Comic Con 2018, and he just happened to be walking by. I'm not a person who approaches celebrities, but this was a once in a life time opportunity to meet my favourite artist. For any of you who know his backstory with Facebook, or listened to his podcast DVDASA, or knew his band Mangchi, then you know how big a deal this was for me.
  joey poulin, david choe artist, artist, street artists, best street artist, must know street artist, best artist alive Artist of Akumu Ink - Joey (left), Street artist and drummer of Mangchi - David Choe (right).