Nile Rodgers

In 2012, the legendary producer, composer, and Grammy winner Nile Rodgers bought our ASYLUM t-shirt from us at New York Comiccon and shared the photo of himself on his Facebook page. Little did we know that just a year later, he would team up with Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams to create one of the biggest hits of the summer, "Get Lucky."

When Nile Rodgers shared these photos of himself wearing our ASYLUM t-shirt (top photo in 2012, bottom photo in 2023), it was a moment of pride for us. We have always aimed to create high-quality, stylish clothing that appeals to music lovers and creatives, and seeing someone as talented and respected as Nile Rodgers wearing our brand was a true honor.

[Update 2023] Nile Rodgers seen wearing our ASYLUM shirt on his tiktok while recording with St. Vincent!