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RIP 1979 Long Tanktop

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Akumu Ink collabed with a young California-based writer/director to create this striking artwork for a television pilot pitch called Fro Sho (A Southeast Product). If you like the design or would like to support his vision, a portion of the sale of this product will go to him.

The original protest shirt used by the Almighty Key Crew against the Kold Wave hair movement, a movement started in the late 1970’s in Southeast San Diego, CA designed to transform afros into dripping wet curls. This image infamously tagged around Southeast in the 70’s and outside the walls of the now mythical Silk Palace Barber & Beauty Shop where Kold Wave was created now acts as a reminder of that beautiful shop, once an unknown and unlikely epicenter of black hair history and culture. It’s also a visual representation of the end of that era. A powerful image laid dormant for decades, now released for a new generation.

-Available in a women's black 100% cotton long tanktop.
-Digital direct-to-garment print using eco-friendly inks.
-Coffin logo on the back near the neck like a signature on every shirt.
-Printed to order and shipped from South Holland.


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