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Joey :: the Artist

Drawing since he was very young, Joey had his own particular aesthetic. As Akumu Ink's only artist, Joey's background in a metalcore band and a children book illustrator have allowed him to convey his cute nightmarish art on apparel. This results in about 30 new designs every year, Monthly Exclusive Tees and other custom art requests. Joey is also personally available at comic/ anime conventions that the company attends. Don't hesitate to say hi if you happen to be at any of the conventions!

Aldora :: the Business

Born in a family of entrepreneurs, Aldora has always found herself to be fascinated by how a business works. Her MBA and creativity helps assist the growth of the company, as well as infusing her dark thoughts to help Joey create more intriguing designs. Got suggestions on other conventions that Akumu Ink can exhibit at? Contact Aldora here.

Akumu Ink

Joey and Aldora started screen-printing and selling individual t-shirts online from a humble two-bedroom apartment in Montreal, Canada since 2008. They named the company Akumu Ink, based on the Japanese translation for 'nightmare'.

In 2014, Joey and Aldora (& their Scottish terrier, Tiny) moved to a warehouse in California to manage the company themselves. Ever since then, the husband and wife duo have been packing and shipping out all online orders, as well as attending about 20 convention events a year.

Akumu Ink is available all around the world in boutiques and online shops throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Charity Work: Akumu Ink is a socially-aware brand, and has taken part in a few charitable projects over the years. To read more about current and past charitable endeavors, please click here.