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2008: Joey and Aldora started screen-printing and selling individual t-shirts they designed from a humble two-bedroom apartment in Montreal, Canada. They named the brand Akumu Ink (pronounced: akoo·moo ink), based on the Japanese translation for 'Nightmare'.

2014: Joey and Aldora moved to Los Angeles, California. During this time they expanded from tshirts into other merchandise. They created over 100 original designs while setting up their booth at 89 conventions across 15 states.

2019: The husband and wife duo have just moved to Leiden, Netherlands. Where they are currently working on new designs and merchandise.

RETAIL: Akumu Ink shirts and merch are available in select boutiques and shops throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Japan. A full list can be found here.

SOCIALLY AWARE: Akumu Ink is proud to be a part of multiple charitable projects over the years. With the help of their supportive customers they have donated over $5000 within the last 5 years: Read more here.