Akumu Ink bag, goth bag, skull bag,
Akumu Ink bag, goth bag, skull bag,

Tokyo Chan :: The Alpha Backpack Art Switcher

Normaler Preis€ 25.00 EUR
This original hand-drawn artwork is a redesign of our 2010 Umami design. This new version displays our Tokyo Chan character sitting on a pile of skulls (of all the boys from her classroom). Simply zip this patented ART SWITCHER to endlessly customize the look of your Akumu Ink® RPET Backpack.

Buy 3 ART SWITCHERS, get the 4th at 50% off. Use code SWITCHER50 at checkout.

  • The material is made of recycled plastic bottles.
  • Size: 41cm x 31cm (16" x 12")
  • Only applicable on Akumu Ink® RPET backpacks.
  • This product is a customizable accessory for an Akumu Ink® RPET backpack.
  • When purchasing this item, backpack is NOT included.
This patented ART SWITCHER was designed by Akumu Ink® in Holland. 

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