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  • Metric - LIVE IT OUT

    Posted on January 19 2008

    Metric - LIVE IT OUT
    Joey told me about this band called Metric just this morning. I went on YouTube to ch...
  • We got totes!!

    Posted on January 13 2008

    Another weekend has passed, and it has been proved to be a fruitful one! *jumps in exci...
  • Design Process

    Posted on January 09 2008

    Design Process
    I'd like to share with you the process as to how I go about making my designs. All Akum...
  • Thanks, models!

    Posted on January 01 2008

    We would like to thank our models for allowing us to take pictures of their beautiful s...
  • Akumu Ink is almost launched!

    Posted on January 01 2008

    Akumu Ink is almost launched!
    Happy New Year Ghouls and Gals! Thanks so much for visiting.   That's it for now and d...