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  • Of Horror I Painting

    Of Horror I Painting

    This bad boy was hand painted custom for a customer. Took approximately 2-3 weeks to complete from start to finish. It's a monster at 24"x48". Love doing these, if you're...

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  • Sketch 6

    Here's a sketch of Marilyn Manson. I saw someone at the Halifax tattoo convention with a sweet Manson tattoo and I thought that it would be fun to draw him...

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  • Sketching 4

    Sketching 4

    Here are some sketches I did the other night based on movies from my favourite Korean director Park Chan-Wook's movies "Thirst" and "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance". Done originally in pencil...

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  • Leaving for the Week

    I haven't been updating recently, things have been pretty crazy. I'm preparing to go to Las Vegas again, this time not for a convention but a tradeshow. The biggest tradeshow...

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  • Sketch 3

    Sketch 3

    It's a beautiful snowy day. We just sold off some of our original Akumu Ink screen printing gear. We updated our equipment just after the summer to be able to...

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